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Active & Revive is Going to Bali!

So excited to let you all know I’ll be partnering up with Fin from Evolution Bali for a retreat March 2017!

The retreat is going to be amazing.

I’ve always wanted to take the Active & Revive retreats overseas so when the opportunity to work alongside evolution Bali came along I wanted to share it with you!

Check out the info & link below.

March 2017 11th – 16th Join us for a luxe fitness retreat on the beautiful Nusa Lembongan, Bali


A small group of guests will join us for a 6 day fitness retreat on a tropical island, surrounded by coral reefs, white sand beaches and dramatic cliffs. Our guests will enjoy the best of both worlds: combining their sweat sessions with much-needed relaxation time, kicking back with a cocktail or enjoying a beachfront massage. Three days of the week we’ll be boarding the speedboat and heading to some of the remote and deserted beaches surrounding the island, allowing for a great private workout in one of the most picturesque locations on the planet.


Activities : Optional daily workouts, yoga sessions, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, mountain biking, surfing, SCUBA diving, snorkelling with Manta Rays, or kayaking through the mangroves

Activity level : Guests of any fitness level are welcome to join the retreat. Workouts will be tailored for specific level of fitness.

Accommodation: Guests can enjoy the spectacular views of the tropical sunset over the Indian Ocean from their own private balcony in their Lumbung hut which lies on the edge of the white sand beach and calm waters of the bay.
Relaxation : Yoga on the beach and beach-front massage is included in the package

Eats: Guests can choose from a selection of gourmet meals and healthy snacks with a nutritional balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Rates: All-inclusive six-night stay starting at $1260USD, airfare not included.

Please visit the website for more info.

Please check out our video


Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie


I made this up Saturday Morning after training. It was perfect as a post workout meal and breakfast option, and it took about 5 mins to make! 🙂

1 Cup frozen Strawberries
1 Cup Coconut water
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp Mayver’s Cacao Spread
2 Tbsp Jalna Yogurt

Blitz it all in your Blender and
top it with Shredded Coconut & some Cacao Nibs


Spring is pretty much here! So is Hot pilates, Active and Revive Retreats and some roll and release classes

Starting in a few weeks ill be taking some classes at Luxe Studio in Brookvale. Heated Pilates to help strengthen and tone. Roll & release to help ease any tightness built up arounf the body.

Very excited to have our Active & Revive morning retreats coming back also this Spring. 
Stay tuned for the up coming dates!!!

Active & Revive Feb Style

Well done to everyone who came along last Saturday to the stunning Balmoral Beach location for Active & Revive.

You guys were awesome, great to see that energy on a Saturday morning!


Sister Sister! Fran and her sis Kim taking in the view along the trail walk


Some after yoga treats!!


Perfect spot for some Pilates


Starting off their morning the best way!


No vino no Espresso Martinis, just sparkling water and a fresh head for the next month and I cant wait! After a month in Ireland for xmas and a quick trip to Bali and Budapest I think I’ve had my fill of drink for awhile.

Febfast is a great idea regards charity, but its also perfectly timed after Australia day, for everyones real New Years resolutions to start!!

The option to give up sugar is also there, so if your not into giving up your weekly pint or glasses of wine maybe giving up the addictive sugary chocolate and sweets is for you!

So heres to a clear head and no red wine lips


Starting Monday! Emoji Eyeroll

Today is a great day

Starting Monday has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Not that it’s a bad thing to start diets/fitness regimes etc on a Monday, but I really think why not start RIGHT NOW! If you start right now you don’t have enough time for all the excuses to pop up, because they always do & then it comes around to starting next Monday!

Just grab your trainers and go for a walk, you don’t have to book in for that, it’s free and it’s a great way to start getting healthy or for some just back into shape.

There are a million Instagram accounts now to get food and recipe inspiration from, nearly all users will offer you the recipe when you ask. No need for the recipe book. Keeping it simple in the kitchen can also help lose those unwanted kilos.

Why not download the app Headspace. Meditate, using this app it helps you to learn how to meditate which will in turn help to be mindful which really does help when making choices around your food, exercise and health choices.

So why not try right now, instead if waiting until next Monday

Happy Training

Bec xoxo