About Bec



‘In business and In life all that matter is you do something positive’ (Richard Branson)

My passion revolves around health and fitness and being POSITIVE.

I am lucky to have a job that helps me to keep fit and healthy, being a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates and Megaformer Instructor, my aim with clients is to get them to their desired goals and have as much fun getting there as possible.

I believe we all need to maintain a healthy work life balance. I train clients one on one, in small groups, and Teach Pilates and Megaformer at Physicore Sydney.

Yoga is a passion of mine that I discovered this year. I really could not believe nor did I imagine it would have such an amazing positive impact on my life. Go all Modern Yogis 🙂

Being a strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle, I did Sarah Wilsons IQS 2 years ago, and really believe its helped me reduce sugar from my daily diet, as well as Introducing me to all things ‘RAW’ Now bringing my work over to the Northern Beaches i hope to Share with you my Passions though my blog. xo

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